Technology & Pharmacy | How Pharmaceutical Companies are shifting to Online Pharmacy for better Healthcare prospects.

In the period of Covid-19, Online Pharmacies are mitigating the issues of social distancing and spread of the virus by delivering the medications directly to the doorstep and what other features will change the purchasing of the medicines.

Technology & Pharmacy | How Pharmaceutical Companies are shifting to Online Pharmacy for better Healthcare prospects.

In the period of Covid-19, where we are living in the crisis of lockdown and social distancing issues, the government had surged the eCommerce to proliferate the online businesses to mitigate the less spread of the virus among the people. Therefore, The surged use of the e-pharmacy market has surged exponentially due to the Covid period and also government has initiated the pharmaceutical eCommerce to be active and also the sales of the basic requirements like medicines, sanitizers, and other healthcare supplies on the pharmacy applications.

Talking about the e-pharmacy, the medicines will be delivered to their house without any hassle of going to the medical store. And it also compensated for the dependency among the elderly citizens and ill patients who live alone without any support from the third person.

What is an Online Pharmacy Application?

An online pharmacy is an application or website which allows the customer to order the medications online to deliver at their home.

Selling medication has mixed opinions among the people where some state that selling medicines online would disrupt the business of hospitals and pharmacies and on the other side, some suggest that the prescription drugs and formulations would be more transparent to the people. However, selling medicines have both sides. For example, Online pharmaceutical companies are expected to take over the market of $2.7 billion by 2023 and can reach $360 million in the next four years.

The key growth drivers in the online pharmaceutical market are an escalation in internet penetration and smartphone users, and also in eCommerce, the online ordering among the population has been a normal way just like ordering food or clothes.

How Does Medicine Delivery Work?

Online pharma delivery somewhat works like a rest of the online services in which : Users create a profile, give their personal information , orders, and pay for it. However, in the medication delivery, for the specific medicines, you will need a prescription which would be checked by the licensed pharmacist and patients can also seek advice from the medical professionals.

The Innovative features of E-Pharmacies Application:


Chatbots are usually made for solving the queries of the customers in real-time where it understands like humans and interacting with them. Chatbots are AI technology in which the bot communicates, interacts, in the language of the customer. And it also redirects the customer to human services if needed. It also facilitates the customer to customer support staff and pharmacists.

Prescription Orders:

Users can scan and upload the medical prescription in the medical application and then after that, the pharmacist will view and suggest the medicines. This AI-enabled feature of scanning will make the order quickly and no hassle of entering, verifying the medicines in the application manually.

Prescription Photo Recognition:

If a patient carries a handwritten prescription, it uses the AI-powered intelligence for recognition of prescription and automatically adds the necessary drugs to the shopping cart.

Urgent Delivery reliability:

Allow users to urgently deliver the medicines and also provide the one-day delivery service. However, for urgent deliveries, they take extra charges for services.

Multiple Payments channels:

As multiple ways are introduced for paying online, e-pharmacy uses Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, or cash one delivery, to integrate which are integrated with the application.

Registering with one-click:

One of the coolest features of an online application is social sign-up without entering the manual details. Customers can sign-in with a google account or any social media account which saves time to fill up the details.

Local store search:

If someone is unknown to the city and wants an in-store pharmacy, the e-pharmacy application also provides the map and directions to customers.

Multi-language Support:

As all the customers have different languages and talking about the elders, they are comfortable in their native language. So keep in that mind, e-pharmacies are providing multi-language support.

Notification & reminders:

As the prescription also includes how many times one should take medicines, at what time, these all are included which e-pharmacies application to use to mitigate the problem of forgetting the intake of medicines.

Contactless delivery and ordering:

During the pandemic of Covid-19, lessening the contact from human to human is necessary to avoid the spread of the infection.

Prices Comparison:

There are many companies in a market that produces the same medicines but the ingredients and prices are different. Therefore, the e-pharmacies offers customers the prices of different pharmaceutical medicines which makes them transparent and up-to-date.

In Conclusion,

As the technology is proliferating in every fields of the globe whether it is business, food or medicines, it is aggravating the problems and providing the solutions.

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