Important Marketing Strategies to adopt during 2nd wave of Covid-19

The second wave of coronavirus is likely to crash over the economy towards the end of 2020. For start-ups and small companies, this could spell disaster, especially if they don’t have a functional business continuity plan in place.

Important Marketing Strategies to adopt during 2nd wave of Covid-19

Whether COVID-19 returns in repeated waves or smaller recurring outbreaks, there is a possibility for infection rates to rise, social distancing measures to tighten up, and lockdowns intensify again.

Experts say this pandemic will stay for at least another 24 months. Until that, there is no vaccine, and that means preparation will be key to the survival of your business over the next few years.

There are several measures businesses can implement depending upon testing, refining, and adding the features depending upon your company goals.

Inspect Your Human Resource Protocols :

First drafting all the protocols which employees have to follow from work-from-home or working premises.

  • Guiding them the protocols by cross-training programs and making them aware of the emergency situation in personal and professional lives.
  • Provide screening and isolation protocols for employees who are suspected of having the virus and an on-premises decontamination protocol if someone is formally diagnosed.
  • Updating and reviewing the company’s policy depending upon remote work, sick leave, and unpaid leave.
  • Make sure you check the basic tools are available to employees at ‘Work-from-home’ such as laptops, connectivity, and access to their work wherever they are, at any time.

Using Technology to scale remotely:

Having the support of scaling technology has protected some companies to continue their working pace-and-scale. During Lockdown, physical infrastructure costs switched to a virtual one in order to continue working market.

Communication tools like Skype, Zoom, and other project management systems allow employees to stay in contact at all times.

Remote Communication:

Communication is necessary whether it’s casual chats or work-related discussions to maintain the flow of work. Whether it’s reporting to a boss, a skype meeting for discussion, or presenting PPT, this all needs proper communication from the authority side to maintain the optimism and confidence in employees.

Meetings and frequent check-ins regularly though it’s a whole team or individual team will establish a sense of community.

Major Effect on Supply chain :

Recent data shows the devastating economic impact as week-on-week trade in China, the US, and Europe halved because of the crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit global trade and investment at an inexperienced speed and scale. One of the main issues market faced was a sudden outbreak of the supply chain.

  • Production and sales of products had declined, and many of them were out-of-stock.
  • Secondly, the lack of orders going through the supply chain is piling up and affecting other new orders slowing down and invoices dropping off.

To compensate for the loss,

  • Shift your business to E-commerce by selling online.
  • You can collaborate with other e-commerce services to increase the supply stock.

Shifting Data to the Cloud :

As a business grows eventually, it needs to be agile for resources; so cloud computing will shift to online storage, bandwidth, and software needs.

  • Cloud computing is used for managing, processing, and communicating information online.
  • Cloud-based services allow your business data to be stored offline so it’s never lost, or PC crashes.
  • Cloud computing gives maximum potential with affordability in staff costs, app consolidation, hardware, and software packages.

Your remote team will be able to work from home immediately, and the shift will be easy with cloud storage.

Communicate with customers through different media :

As covid emerged, people are inboxed at homes, so they have only access to social media and television.

Its high time for businesses to shift to online business to make an imprint of their company in the e-commerce market by providing the lack of supplies and these can be done from online advertisements, Display Ads, and Social media posts or status.

Shifting to E-commerce :

E-commerce is going to be your biggest asset when surviving during these unstable times.

In this global pandemic, E-commerce can protect from drowning in the market. Therefore, Investing and strengthening your online presence can be your biggest asset.

  • Find a way to move your products and services online.
  • For increasing sales, the business has to implement paid and organic search to drive traffic to their website.

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