Banking & Technology | How Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots are mitigating the Banking pitfalls by providing better Financial Solutions

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Banking & Technology | How Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots are mitigating the Banking pitfalls by providing better Financial Solutions

Today, as our technology is advancing in various sectors, the financial institutions are also acquiring the technologies to innovate and advance the features of banking sectors, but of the plethora of technologies, financial and banking services are pondering over Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Technology is mitigating the problems by facilitating the analysis of information, support decision making and automate activities, and scaling towards the multi-channel world with Virtual Assistants, Chatbots, AI managed marketing platforms. The primary factor is to improve the customer experience, fraud detection, digitization of process, and decision making.

AI improved and expanded its branches in the operational and business models with the help of identifying the patterns from analyzing the huge amount of data. This will help banking facilitates to identify the new opportunities and channelize the process according to it.

Many banks are deploying solutions that are AI-enabled, for instance, potential cost savings for banks from AI applications is estimated at $447 billion by 2023, with the front and middle office accounting for $416 billion of that total.

There are selective features in which the AI is working such as :

Fraud detection :

As the threat of Cyberattacks is increased, fraud detection has become vital to introduce in financial institutions. Taking an instance, banking frauds have risen despite government efforts to curtail them, what hinders most is the government’s time to identifying and examining it. Therefore, considering the safety from cyber fraud, it is important that banks introduce the practices and technologies to mitigate the risks and adopt digitization for real-time activities.


The proliferation of mobile devices and the Internet has made the demand for instant and flexible functionalities that gives customers the insights to analyze their spending patterns and provide future potential financial decisions. For example, AI can eliminate the need for physical document submission and verification.

Decision making:

Decision making in the banking sector needs both structured and unstructured data like predict potential loan defaulters and offer problem-solving strategies.

Redefining the Consumer Participation:

Understanding the customers is a prime goal in mitigating the banking problems. Therefore, the data is gathered from the customer’s preferences and choices which are transported to AI software to let AI algorithms predict and analyze the next decisions and create an individual container for each customer which will, in turn, improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Affiliating Emotions:

AI predicts and analyzes the text data of the customers by which it can predict the emotions of the customers and this data is deployed to the chatbots. For instance, Chatbots are replacing most of the administrative work of the banks to make digitized and customized interactive experiences for the customers.

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Broadening the security:

Learning from past experiences and learning from it is crucial to driving any type of field, the same goes for the banking sector. To prevent any stealing or theft, real-time and face detection in ATMs and Banks are crucial to get insights into the behavior patterns and intentions of users.

Examples of Financial Banks using the AI in their Banking Services:

JPMorgan Chase:

Document review is an important part of any sector, reviewing the piles of documents to determine which are relevant is a most tidying and mediocre job. Talking about banking, the customer’s thousands of documents is time-consuming and expensive because you need employees to review all the docs. But this all toll of reviewing can be automated with the help of AI.

JP Morgan, the biggest bank in the United States, which is a biggest IT Company too had developed and deployed new software called Contract Intelligence-COIN, that automates a document review and dispatched the program to review the thousands of its credit contracts. This software also deploys image recognition.

Automation is now growing rapidly expanding the technology budget to $9.6 billion. In fact, technology spending in JP Morgan’s consumer banking sector has totaled about $1 billion.

Fargo Banking Chatbots:

As consumer expectations are changing and increasing, the use of automation and digitizations has become paramount to be established in banks. Therefore, Financial institutions are testing and deploying new applications and solutions.

It is projected that chatbots will escalate the need for chatbots, saving billions of dollars. According to a report released by Juniper, chatbots will be responsible for over $8 billion annual cost savings by 2022. According to Gartner, by 2020 chatbots will be handling no less than 85% of all customer service interactions.

The features it provides are:

Basic Tasks:

Customer service inquiries such as account & balance details, loan queries can be handled efficiently.


Chatbots are best for sending and managing the notifications in which it provides the balance information, suggest how to save money, deadlines of bills. The chatbots have expanded all these notifications by introducing virtual assistants to help clients.

Personal touch:

Customers can interact via voice or text mitigating their banking problems. These banking chatbots send the identify and analyze dozens of data and factors like speech patterns, word structure, and sentiment. This will helps chatbots to respond to unconstrained, contextual, messy human language.

Customized offers:

The notification with voice-based interactions by chatbot with the help of advanced speech and natural language processing capabilities, and even sentiment analysis to predict the emotions, tone, and voice accent to provides solutions which are customized with the conversation.

Citibank-Feedzai Fraud detection:

Citibank is one of the most successful banks in the world for one reason, it invests a behemoth amount of money in technology. As the frauds are escalated in banking sectors with the increase in the internet and digitization, it is important to mitigate the problem soon, Citibank partnered with Feedzai the introducing the AI platform for risk management and fraud detection in banking.

Feedzai claimed their OpenML Engine helps banking data science teams to create the ML models for fraud detection using the sample models. Feedzai’s software can purportedly accomplish this by monitoring all transactions for any discrepancies or unusual payment behavior. It would then analyze these anomalies before the transactions are cleared to continue through the system.

In Conclusion,

The financials sectors are merging with the technologies to solve and mitigate the financial issues internally and externally to maintain the efficiency, digitalization and flexibility.

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